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Programs - Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease

´╗┐Welcome to the Communicable Disease Program in Island County, Washington
This program works closely with healthcare providers to identify incidence of communicable disease in our county.  Public health professionals seek to ensure that the individual, family, and community is protected against further exposure and to provide education and information about possible exposures.  Communicable disease staff engage in surveillance and investigation of notifiable communicable diseases including prevention, control, and education activities. Services include ensuring proper treatment for affected individuals and contacting individuals potentially exposed to communicable diseases. There are 61 notifiable conditions. Examples include animal bites, specific sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and hepatitis.   
Program responsibilities include the following:
  • To reduce the impact of communicable disease on our communities
  • To provide education regarding proper etiquette to reduce disease transmission
  • Prevention of communicable disease

Contact Information:  Communicable Disease Coordinator at phone 360 221-6626 or
                 fax 360 221-8480

Region 1 Communicable Disease Report update



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